Saturday, 6 February 2010

Photo session for the book

Just before Christmas we shot these photos for the book "Svenska Antikhandlare/Swedish Antique Dealers" that is coming out next week.
My idea was to do uncluttered straight forward photos in an environment that had a contemporary feel to it rather than do it in the shop. So much more fun but also SO much more work! Weeks of preparations and then just a few hours of daylight to do the shoot.
But if was worth it, I think.

Thank you, Magnus, thank you Dad (who is 78 and by bad planning had to do a lot of the carrying by himself, Sorry!) and thanks to photographer Per Myrehed.

I will do a new post shortly with the pressrelease and you will also be able to by the book here on the blog.


  1. Such an marvelous pics, WOW!!

    I absolutely want to buy that book, GREAT!!!


  2. Hi!

    I just love your blogg. I have once visited on your butik, and it is absolutely gorgeous!

    I would like to buy also that book?


  3. Hi to both of you and thank you!

    I will get the book next week and I will do a post about it very soon where you can send me an email with addresses and stuff.

    All the best,