Thursday, 11 February 2010

Meet Birdie

Right now life is very hectic as I´m preparing for the largest and most important fair of the year:Stockholm International Antiques Fair.
I´m bringing some very special pieces; a PAIR of cabinets from a Swedish manor house, six rococo chairs, an amazing wall panel and much more, I will post a new blog as soon as I can get some decent photos.
But, as always, time is getting very short and today was not a very good day!

Until I found this.

It´s a faience made for serving butter from and I´ve always wanted one. And now I have this!
It´s a wonderful piece with lots of personality which is difficult to capture in a photo, you really have to see it.
Now comes the ever thrilling search for information, history and origin which is such an interesting, fun and important part of collecting antiques.

Here´s a photo of the bottom part. If any of you can tell me anything about it please send an email or post a comment.

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