Friday, 3 September 2010

Help us win the Book Of The Year Award!

The book about antique dealers in Sweden has been nominated for the Book Of The Year Award and we who have been involved in the project are very proud. ( see my previous posting here )
And rightly so as the book is great and really fills a void on the market.
It´s also an important book as we antique dealers, often small family businesses, struggle against the powerful PR campaigns of the auction houses and Tv shows.

And there is not much time! Apparently the voting was supposed to end on the 30th of August but has been extended somewhat.
So please vote for the book Swedish Antique Dealers!

Here´s the link Now the page is in Swedish and the voting process is very thorough: Just go to the book and tick the box "rösta här", then go to the bottom of the page to enter your email adress and then you will receive an email that you need to respond to in order to verify your vote.
A little complicated but probably for a good reason so don´t let that stop you!

Thursday, 2 September 2010

I´m back and the shop is open again!

I know it´s been a long time but finally I´m back in town and in the shop.
And on the blog!
Summer has been just the best and all my intentions of blogging just floated off on a wave.
It´s great to be back in business again though and I have a lot of new fantastic aquisitions that I will show successively.

And this weekend is going to be so exciting as we are having a celebrity visit to the shop!