Sunday, 31 October 2010

I have started collecting...

Over the years we have had some fantastic single rococo chairs, all slightly different and in different shades of that beautiful rococo yellow color.
And it dawned on me that if i had kept them for myself I would have had an amazing set by now!
So it´s time for me to start my own collection and these two are my first.
The pale one is by rare Stockholm chairmaker Carl Sandberg, and it´s actually a transition model with some baroque elements in the design. The other one is darker with a very rich yellow almost orange tone and it´s also from Stockholm but I haven´t figured out by whom yet.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

A glimpse at the shop in October..

This is what´s on display in my window at the moment: A composition with some of my personal favorites!
On the left is a fantastic handpainted wallpaper with a fantasy landscape inspired by China and Turkey. The bench is very beautiful with great carvings and bluish grey original paint. On top of it are two Marieberg faiances; a basket shaped bowl (not allowed for export) and a magnificent large plate. Then comes a ladies mirror with original paint and underneath are my favorite pair of 18th century slippers and a handpainted tole tray with a motive from the Bay of Naples.
To the right is an armchair with carvings like nothing I have ever seen before, also in original paint, of course and on the seat are a pair of exquisite parisian coffee cups and to the far right a gorgeous Gustavian canopy (I think it´s called?)

This little mirror you have seen before but it is so photogenic that I use it all the time in different still lifes! It´s from the home of a collector and probably from the Swedish island Gotland. The condition is all original and just the way I like it. And reflected in the glass you can see one of a pair of rococo pewter candle sticks and the background are one of three wall panels saved from a rococo house torn down in the 70´s.

The shop is really small which makes it very difficult to photograph as the shots tend to look very messy, but this will have to do...
Under a late empire chandelier is one of a set of four Gustavian chairs in fantastic condition. On the also Gustavian drop leaf table are some Wedgewood plates, a Rörstrand urn, some very nice pewter candle sticks, 18th century glass and a spiral carafe.

My favorite late baroque table, also from the home of a collector. Just look at the painting in gold on that leg! The box is also great, dated 1820 and from Västergötland.

This dear little painting is probably Dutch and depicts ladies (!) and gentlemen at leisure fishing.
On the chair is a lime stone box meant for butter.

Thanks for stopping by!
Next time I will show you a great drop leaf table, large and with the best original paint...