Monday, 13 June 2011


This is what it looks like after we fixed uo the shop a little.
We spent a long time getting that pale warm blue color and were surprised to see how well it worked with almost everything!

And being crazy about color we laughed about how even the antique chips took up the colors of the cushion next to it...

I love these dark bronzes against the cream white of the mock tile-oven cabinet. It´s Napoleon and his son the King of Naples.

This is a rather large gustavian mirror with a very beautiful glass, the arms are later, really simple for this elegant mirror but they bring charm and history to it.

My favorite Strömbäck urn and a rare Marieberg ceramic.

And just look at this beauty! Talk about color! Its all original paint of such a rare shade. One of the most beautiful chest of drawers we have ever had. Or that I have ever seen!
And the chairs next to it are also original and look almost grey in comparison but they actually have a greenish shade to that grey. Exquisite condition with great foot endings, the part that is almost always worn down on rococo chairs which strongly changes their apperance.

It was difficult to photograph this outstanding drop leaf in the shop which is so crowded at the moment. It has legs of a slightly darker, almost turqoise shade and the top is pale blue with paint all over and in absolutely fantastic condition. I will do a post about it later because it has some very special details as well......
The plate is a rare one from Marieberg.

This single rococo arm chair is of that unusual cream yellow. It has everything one might want from a chair of this type and the patina is to die for. A truly wonderful piece. And it´s not mine,!
It´s my business partner Mats Freidenfelt´s! We now share the shop and he has brought some fantastic items, the mock tile cabinet is his as well.

I have a soft spot for botanicals.
This is part of a large collection by a woman who spent 60 years of her life collecting plants and flowers not only in Sweden but in Greece, Germany, Spain and other Euopean countries.
Common for all of them are the meticulous presentation and attention to detail.
And she also used acid-free paper so the condition of them are excellent.

A set of rococo saltines from London.
Don´t you think that the contrast of silver on such a rustic table top is just the thing?

It´s not easy getting colors right with my camera- just look at the difference of the shade of that wall in these two photos.
But I assure you that is is truly wonderful. As is the clock of the best Stockholm quality.
And the chest of drawers as well, although it actually isn´t from Stockholm which is why it is not allowed for export, being a rare example of gustavian provincial carpetry of great quality.
And isn´t the rococo lady a great personality whe way she firmly holds that blue umbrella.
And the frame is the original one too.

I collect these bonnets. They are so sculptural and I am also a sucker for antique emboidery.
And again- that shade of pale green silk...

A single lovely rococo chair of Stockholm quality.
Original paint of course!

As I said before- so well presented!

This is the back of a small mirror you have seen on the blog before. I just love that décor.

My set of four Wedgewood plates an one of two demi lunes with original marble-imitaion tops.
In the background is a delicious silk embroidery.

An elegant gustavian clock, unfortunately without the actuall clock inside. I am looking for one but it´s not easy to find one as it must fit with the holes on the face of it.

We are not going all vintage here but we couldn´t resist this color again and the military fur is actually "original color" and makes me wonder what kind of soldier was allowed that shade which wouldn´t have been created to blend in- quite the opposite!

This dress is hand embroidered and from the early 20th century. A dream!

Our little wood bird looking out..

These troughs are from the Kinnekulle area in Sweden and hand carved in sand stone. They were originally meant to hold food for animals and were made in the second half of the 19th century.

A favorite of mine- a baroque box with exquisitely printed leather and original metalwork.

This is also Mats- a wonderful tray table with original paint except on the top which is retouched.
It had just the right rococo curves, not too much and not too little.

A decorative set of empire coffee cups from France.

And a tole tea-urn which you can read more about in an older post. Love it!

Well this was one massive post, I hope you have enjoyed it!