Friday, 3 December 2010

I seriously advise you to see this!

Lars Sjöberg, who most of you probably know about, is on TV tonight!
It´s a documentary made by IngaLill Snitt; the photographer who has collaborated with Lars on so many projects, most recently the book " Nio hus och en kyrka", see below, and it is also the basis for the film. The book is available in English.
Thank God for passionate people!

Photo by IngaLill Snitt

The book is absolutely wonderful and it manages to capture the essence of this passion for old buildings and antiques that is not about value or stylish interiors but a deeply felt interest in history and origin.

Photo by IngaLill Snitt

Photo by IngaLill Snitt

Don´t miss it! Neither the book or the program!

Here is the link to SVT:

Also if you haven´t read my post named "If this was a person, we would be friends", please do to get my take on this passion for antiques.