Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Fantastic colour!

I was in London recently and one of the things I really wanted to see were The Devonshire Hunting Tapestries in the textile collection of the V&A.

And they were truly stunning! The colour, the composition, yes everything. It´s not often I feel I like to own something but these tapestries I would like to live with and see everyday. Fantastic!

Do read the info on the V&A site if you have time, it´s really interesting.

And as the photos on their site weren´t so good I found these here.

Gudrun Ödmann Antikhandel in Italian

We were asked by the Italian magazine ANTIQUARIATO if we could help them with photos of high quality gustavian furniture for an article they were doing.
So we picked out a handful of pieces in great condition with original paint; things we were really proud of!
Here are a few of them and they will be featured in the February issue.
All of these are now sold but I can´t help asking myself over and over again why on earth I sold that lovely light blue table with inlays. Why? Stupid me but lucky Magnus! Check out his blog and see some enviable items!

All photos on this post by the fantastic photographer and my brother Johan Ödmann


Hej and welcome to my blog!
My name is Sofie, as you can see. I have an antique shop in Stockholm; Gudrun Ödmann Antikhandel. My mother Gudrun opened the shop over twenty years ago and filled it with the very best 18th century baroque, rococo and gustavian furniture she could find. That is; if they were in original condition, unique and had enough charisma to knock you off your feet!
Three years ago I took over the running of the company and have continued in the same tradition but, being an artist I have added a dose of drama to our selection.
My mother now resides in the Gustavian part of Antiques Heaven where everything is in original paint and nothing is fake!
I write in English because we have so many foreign visitors on our website and all you Swedes are so good at English anyway.

I intend to write about my adventures in the world of antiques and also of contemporay art and design and about anything else that catches my fancy actually!