Thursday, 22 April 2010

On display this week

At this time of year when the daylight lasts well into the evening it´s difficult to get a good shot of the window in the shop...

We have a new fantastic demi lune with a original paint in a beautiful greenish grey shade. These are not easy to find these days when most demi lunes have been heavily patinated...
And on top is a very charming box from Västergötland with decorations of a wreath and a very unusual provincial version of the Swedish Shield, two different sets of 19th century glasses and a carafe of turbine model.
Under the table are a group of botanicals where the flowers are not taped to the paper which usually is the case but carefully stiched in place!

At the other end in front of a pale blue baroque door is a gorgeous armchair in white original paint with the most fantastic carvings. I have never seen anything similar to this. A personal favorite indeed! Placed on the seat are two silver saltines from the rococo period. They are dated 1750 and 1752 and are made in London. So graceful.
This month we are also featured in Gods och Gårdar so I placed the magazine in the chair as well, the photos in the article are beautiful. Unfortunately it´s not possible to link to the magazine, they really need to update their website...

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

And from China to Japan...

to see some amazing photos of cherry trees in bloom!

The photos are by Narumi who has a very inspiring blog that really makes me want to go to Japan.
I found Narumi´s blog via great blogger Pia Jane Bijkerk.

Chinoiserie... something I really have a weak spot for.
These two ladies easily found there way into my home where they hang on opposite walls always looking at me in a slightly puzzling way..

Saturday, 17 April 2010


I have a very deep love of the sea. If I´m too far from it for long it hurts. Once I lived in Germany for a year, in Düsseldorf by the Rhine, and it was like the river was making fun of me. Because it was just flowing by on its way to the sea.
I´ve been away for a while nurturing my soul on this beach. It was great. I want more.

Now let me introduce you to Hiroshi Sugimoto. In my opinion he is one of the most interesting contemporary artist around. This is his text about his project Seascapes:

"Water and air. So very commonplace are these substances, they hardly attract attention—and yet they vouchsafe our very existence.The beginnings of life are shrouded in myth: Let there water and air. Living phenomena spontaneously generated from water and air in the presence of light, though that could just as easily suggest random coincidence as a Deity. Let's just say that there happened to be a planet with water and air in our solar system, and moreover at precisely the right distance from the sun for the temperatures required to coax forth life. While hardly inconceivable that at least one such planet should exist in the vast reaches of universe, we search in vain for another similar example.

Mystery of mysteries, water and air are right there before us in the sea. Every time I view the sea, I feel a calming sense of security, as if visiting my ancestral home; I embark on a voyage of seeing."

-Hiroshi Sugimoto

From Hiroshi Sugimoto´s series Seascapes

From Hiroshi Sugimoto´s series Seascapes