Saturday, 6 February 2010

New acquisitions 1

This lovely gustavian stool is one of my recent acquisitions. It´s round, unusually large and has been restored to it´s original grey-blue paint. Because of it´s proportions and that it retains most of it´s foot endings it looks extremely light and graceful.

The stool is standing on a rococo desk which is on the website and in the background is a fantastic baroque door. I would really have liked to see the cupboard that it once was part of. But, using ones imagination is part of what antiques are about, I think

One of my intentions with this blog is to be able to present new items quicker than on the website ( We actually take our photos for the website in the shop and thus have to remake it into a studio. Those of you who have visited us will understand the difficulty involved in such an undertaking!)

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