Thursday, 17 January 2013

Long time no hear from me huh...

...I am painfully aware of that!
So I will try and be more frequent which shouldn´t be that hard as I haven´t posted anything since last April.
Here are a few photos from a shoot stylist Gisela Larsson Montan did for Antikvärlden and that was published during the autumn. Gisela is superb at composing close-ups where even the smallest item is a strong element in the photograph.
Photographer was the brilliant Ingalill Snitt.

It shows my tea urn (barely..) and a lovely very very thin japanese tea cup that is also mine and what I think is a hand coloured print, it can also be an original watercolour and I strongly suspect it comes from my very charming neighbour Hammarlund Books.
In the end I think they chose the bottom picture for the publication but I like them both just as much and  I am intrigued by that ship thing in the background.
The tea urn you can see better here .
I´ll be back sooner than later..


  1. Dear Sofie, welcome back to blogland! A very beautiful vignette you have given us to start the new year. A beautiful delicate porcelain cup and saucer, very pretty. Sharon

  2. Två av de briljanta inom sina områden.

    Är du i butiken något på tisdagar, eftermiddag?
    Annars kanske jag ser dig på mässan.

    Må så gott,

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