Tuesday, 6 September 2011

It´s been a long lovely summer..

..without any new posts but we have had a lot of press during this time of recuperation.
You may have seen us in Sköna Hem where our stool was on the cover (yes I know- not very significant in that shot, no..). It was a lovely story from Gotland, where I actually spent these last two months, and the Villa Muramaris, well worthy of your visit, I can tell you!

Here´s the whole image

Gods och Gårdar (which, sadly, doesn´t have a website yet so I can´t show you all the photos) borrowed a lot of stuff from us for stories in two consecutive issues. The first one was styled by Inger Wachtmeister and I think it was shot by Anna Kern. To the right is a fantastic rococo desk and to the left one of a pair of ladies working tables.

 The other issue is styled by Cathrine Lindberg and shot by Martin Cederblad.

Here is a portrait of one of the lovliest pieces we have ever had. And yes, it is sold.
And yes, I am sad.
It´s one of those "If this was a person, we would be friends" pieces.

Next time I will show you my favorite pieces from the Quality Auctions last spring.
Until then,

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  1. Hi Sofie, I'm your newest follower. I love your taste, and blog, and found you through this piece on Pinterest. People are loving you there, and I think you will have many new followers from it!
    All the best to you! Someday I hope to visit your store!