Sunday, 20 March 2011

New treasures in the shop

I have a weakness fore tole objects. This is a lovely samovar with a strong chinese influence in shape and form, just look at the legs and that pagoda-shaped tap!
It´s not so common to find one with all parts remaining and it is also a nice stately size- around 45 cm high.

Once I hesitated just a bit too long and missed out on a pair of 18th century shoes and there and then I promised myself that this would never happen again. So I instantly grabbed these exclusive embroidered empire shoes when I found them although they were more expensive than most of my own...

Another of my favorite areas are boxes and objects covered in red leather, so called maroquin named after the origin of the fine quality leather, namely Marocko.
This is a lady´s sewing box from the beginning of the 19th century. In the lid you can see a print on silk with an exotic motive. During this time travel literature was becoming very popular and with this came all kinds of prints from exotic places. Although I have never seen this motive in a sewing box before. Look also at the little needle book made with so much care.

This is an urn made at Höganäs pottery works in Sweden. I have had one unglazed object from them before but they are not so common.
This one uses Thorvaldsen´s motive "Night" and "Day" on each side. There is some small damage to the handles but I just found it soo charming!


I also found a set of four Wedgewood plates with the acorn pattern that I love.

and four small jugs in the green ceramic from Skåne which is another passion of mine; I buy all I can find!

Finally a tole tray with a lot of patina. I am always on the lookout for red objects as they work so well with the pale colored furniture I have.


  1. så underbart att ha dig nere, även om underbart som bekant är alltför kort.. kram

  2. Hello Sofie,
    I just wanted to tell you that I am so pleased to have found your beautiful blog and website. I came over from the blog Mäster Henrik.
    I will be pleased to visit you often.
    Love from Belgium