Saturday, 29 May 2010

I´ve been away shopping...

..and, truly, I can see how it all would look wonderful in my summerhouse on Gotland. But no way Sofie! Being a dealer is a lot about finding stuff but also about letting go... So (I´m sorry to say though I shouldn´t be) all the items are for sale. Well, except the green bottle that is already sold.
In my summerhouse I have sort of a green theme and this french wooden basket would be a great addition. If I kept it I would use it for firewood or even better- for lots of blankets to bring out for the long after dinner sittings we often have on chilly Swedish summer evenings..
I have also seen one like it filled with orchids in the middle of a table. See it here or from another angle.
In the background you can see a part of an amazing wall panel that was once part of a rococo house in Västervik. Sadly the house was torn down in the seventies but fortunately the panel was rescued by a collector and when his estate was sold I was fortunate enough to buy it. It´s one of my most treasured pieces.

On this shopping trip I was looking for simple yet special items and this black stool thing that is more a podium or shelf caught my eye immediately! It´s not more than 15 cm high and has the most lovely patina. You will see it in some of the following photos as it works so well with the other things I bought.
In this shot is also a french apothecary´s bottle with hand painted text in white and red reading " chloramine" and a black wooden cabaret-style bowl with small compartments that is unlike anything I´ve ever seen.
Here´s my demi lune with original paint and on top is a wonderfully carved fragment from a sofa. I´m thinking north of Sweden. The center fan-like shape is in original paint and the surrounding white areas are later with the original color underneath.
If it was mine (which it is but you know what I mean) I would use it over a door or straight on a wall as an object in itself.

Here´s my podium again. This time together with a couple of vellum books from the 16th century resting on it´s faded top and a black tin cylinder that I wanted to buy in february but resisted and now finally gave in to " why not? love it-buy it!"

When it comes to glass I really love it when it is tainted due to the composition of the material and my favorite shade is magenta. So I put together wine glasses, a gorgeous cloche and an 18th century plate: all with shades of magenta.
The plate is a faiance made probably by Marieberg with a pattern called "flower of hops"
Here´s the cloche. Not so easy to see the shade. But it´s there and it´s great. Promise.

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