Friday, 26 March 2010

The Swedish model..

is the name of the armchair, well not the chair itself but the design with the typical back and carvings of a rose. a shield or as in this case a flower at the top.
This armchair is new in the shop. It has been restored and now reveals its layer of lovely bluish grey original paint. And I love this early gustavian design with the rococo armrests!

This is also new. It´s a beautiful bench from the western part of southern Sweden.
It looks really cool with it´s square powerful lines and rough surface. A personal favorite!
As all my items are really as I only buy what I like myself. The trauma of being an antique dealer...

1 comment:

  1. Å, vilka ljuvligheter du visar Sofie!!
    Tänk om man hade råd med dessa skönheter, passar ypperligt i mitt hem:).....väntar in makens kommande tipsvinst bara, hihi!
    kram på dig!