Thursday, 17 January 2013

Long time no hear from me huh...

...I am painfully aware of that!
So I will try and be more frequent which shouldn´t be that hard as I haven´t posted anything since last April.
Here are a few photos from a shoot stylist Gisela Larsson Montan did for Antikvärlden and that was published during the autumn. Gisela is superb at composing close-ups where even the smallest item is a strong element in the photograph.
Photographer was the brilliant Ingalill Snitt.

It shows my tea urn (barely..) and a lovely very very thin japanese tea cup that is also mine and what I think is a hand coloured print, it can also be an original watercolour and I strongly suspect it comes from my very charming neighbour Hammarlund Books.
In the end I think they chose the bottom picture for the publication but I like them both just as much and  I am intrigued by that ship thing in the background.
The tea urn you can see better here .
I´ll be back sooner than later..

Friday, 20 April 2012

A bowl of Spring

Here in Stockholm Spring is very slow in coming so I helped it along with this simple arrangement of white pansys in a large beautiful cream ware punch bowl from Rörstrand. It´s from the serie´s Svart Sverige (Black Sweden- a dramatic name no?) and the motive on the bowl is from Tullgarn Castle.
Good. Well then, now I feel much better :)

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Old and new

Just a snapshot from my home. It was so beautiful with the old faded mirror and the twigs with spring green buds of life.
That you can´t really see in the photo. Well, imagine  then..

Monday, 26 March 2012

One of the most beautiful secretaires...


 ..that I´ve ever had. Original cream paint and salmon on the inside. These shades I see copied on gustavian style furniture all over the place but this is the real deal! And real gustavian period as well.

I love making poetic arrangements, furniture like this makes it so easy..  

 I have a  lion theme here. This is a ceramic "piggy-bank". Very rare and understandably so because one has to break it to get the money out.

More lions on this old book. Why don´t we have covers like this anymore?

Next to come are photos from the fair in Stockholm, not to be missed!
For some reason the photos in this post have been cropped, don´t ask me why..(or give nice advice)
I have used my Iphone and that camera really is no good-maybe that system doesn´t match the blog´s. Anyway; if you click on the images you can see them with the right proportions.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Välkomna på besök!

I övermorgon torsdag har vi vårt traditionella Öppet hus i affären. Kom gärna förbi, det brukar vara trevligt och mycket folk. Och mängder av intressanta och vackra föremål-kanske något för önskelistan..

If any of you from abroad would happen to be in town on Thursday evening; do drop by for a drink!